Lorin Cumberbatch

Lorin Cumberbatch is an on-site makeup artist which means wherever you need her services she will travel.

Lorin has taken many classes by celebrity makeup artists, as well as, continuing to learn on her own. She has, in the past, assisted a senior makeup artist to further her learning. Furthermore, Lorin decided to further her career and services by becoming a licensed esthetician.

Some accomplishments Lorin has achieved is assisting the key makeup artist in a television show, A Wedding Show (esp 15), which aired in Ohio; and New York Fashion Week where some of her work was published in Vogue Online. She has also been published in magazines such as Xpressions and Surreal Beauty Magazine.  Furthermore, Lorin has done a fashion show, Walk Fashion Show, and a beauty pageant, Miss Ingham County USA who placed top 15 in the Miss Michigan USA pageant. In additionally, she has worked with agency signed models and photographers. Some of these models/photographers are from top agencies such as Factor and Ford. There are more things in which she hopes to achieve.

Feedback that Lorin receives quite often is that she is very professional. Furthermore, photographers tell her quite often that her work requires little to no editing. This is important because she knows how to bring out the natural beauty in her clients.

Lorin has had quite a few accomplishments for the five years she has been in this industry and is consistently growing. She takes this career seriously and promises to leave you satisfied.